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“Upgrading Dawei Deep Sea Port Works in Dawei Township in Tanintharyi Division, 300,000 ton Ships could be landed,” a responsible person from Deep Sea Port Infrastructure said to Pyi Myanmar News Journal.

In accord with Jetty-Bridges, 9 meter (27 ft) deep Ships of 200,000 ton (ton 2 lakh) 1st Level up to 300,000 ton (ton 3 lakh) Ships to be landed, works were in progess.

Nowadays , explorations were being made, First Phase detail calculations for Port Infrastructure would be finished in coming April.

“The Port was being measured what were in underground,” said a responsible person.

In present at Dawei Deep Sea Port, over 760 Local Workers; over 520 Expatriate Workers; and Local Companies such as LED; Original Group; Shwe Su Pan; Kanaung Asia; Max Myanmar; Sun- Touch, and Dawei Princess was found.

“Benefit gains from Dawei Deep Sea Port Project may be FDI Input and among FDI, Basic Works for Infrastructure and Support US $ 8.6 billion; Industrinal Zone Investment US $ 50 billion; Annual Cargo Ton at Port 200 million; Annual Port Tax Income US $ 500 million,” were documented in Deep Sea Infrastructure Records.

Among the Objectives of Dawei Special Business Zone and Deep Sea Infrastructure, To emerge the Main Core Spot for Trade and Transport of Sout East Asia was included.

The Special Business Zone and Deep Sea Port area is 204.50 sq km (79 sq mile round). Besides Deep Sea Electricity Generation Factory and Industrial Zones, a Main Car Road Thai- Myanmar invested Developer was found ITD Co. from Thailand.

The Border Line for Dawie Special Business Zone and Deep Sea Port was measured on 25th August 2011 which was permitted in accord with the Law of Myanmar Special Business Zone defined by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.


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